3 Key Elements To Make A Site That Sells

Here at Six Figure Reviews we like to ask these three main questions (and their subquestions) to determine how well a site is going to sell their products.


1. What is the strategy?

- How are products being advertised, versus how they are presented on the site?

- Is there a frontrunner product? Is it clear on the site?

- Are related products being upsold and cross sold?


2. What is the story?

- Is the product being talked about with emotion?

- Are the main points condensed and talked about first?

- Why should someone care about this brand?


3. Does the layout match the story?

- Does the site have relatable pictures that match the brand?

- Are products displayed to match the strategy?

- Could a grandma read and understand the brand from a phone?


If these elements are clearly laid out on a store, then changes are the conversion rate will reflect that.


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